Honey for the Holidays

During the holidays, sometimes you want to give someone a sweet gift that expresses how much you appreciate them. Here at Kemptown Honey, we think a jar of honey is the ideal way to do it! It’s delicious and indulgent, yet full of good-for-you enzymes and phytonutrients. Plus, it’s local, meaning it comes from and supports the community in which you live. And just for the holidays, we offer our one pound size with our “Merry & Sweet” holiday label. Click on the button below or email us at info@kemptownhoney.com to order today.

Chemical Free

We care for our bees and for their well-being as well as the environment in which we coexist

Small & Local

Small & local produces the best honey for your health because we don’t use industrial machinery. This keeps our honey truly raw.

100% Raw & Unfiltered

For the maximum amount of phytonutrients & digestive enzymes

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